Extension Products for Qlik Sense

Vizlib builds powerful value-added products for Qlik Sense. Their feature-rich, intuitive Qlik Sense extension products empower data-driven organisations to go beyond the current analytics capabilities and uncover meaningful insights faster than ever before. 

Vizlib value-Added Products for Qlik Sense

Leveraging Vizlib’s ready-to-use extension products, organisations can go from mere data reporting to data storytelling in seconds, significantly boosting their time-to-market for new Qlik Sense projects. Vizlib is a valued partner to many of the world’s leading businesses that seek fast, effective and branded solutions to boost data adoption across their organisation. Once you experience Vizlib, there’s no going back.

Vizlib Library for dashboarding


Vizlib Library is by far the most powerful dashboarding solution for Qlik Sense.

The incredibly intuitive user experience that requires zero coding saves dashboard builders countless development hours and opens doors to game-changing customisation and branding opportunities. Add to that our famous out-of-the-box capabilities, and you have the dataviz wow that your end users crave.





Vizlib Self-Service for ad-hoc reporting

Vizlib Self-Service is the ultimate ad-hoc reporting solution for Qlik Sense. It charges your apps with advanced functionalities that make your data talk through interactive reports. It’s the best of self-service analytics, in one neat bundle.

Vizlib Finance for financial reporting

The Vizlib Finance Report is built to meet the requirements of a modern finance department. With the advanced formatting and customisation functionalities as well as the real-time commentary capability, you can make any financial report look amazing and work just the way your CFO wants it!

Vizlib Collaboration for collaborating within Qlik Sense

A brand new way to bring people and data together. See what happens to your decision-making process when you empower your team to handle data confidently and converse, collaborate and share knowledge directly in Qlik Sense.


Why Vizlib?

No coding required

The Vizlib library was built with the business user in mind to allow for the most intuitive self-service analytics experience. Like in Excel, you can use our widgets without any technical knowledge.

Build compelling dashboards

Make the most of our branding, theming and rich customization options to build more presentable dashboards and visualizations.

Transition from Qlik View to QlikSense

Bring the missing Qlik View functionalities into QlikSense with the Vizlib library, including Alternate States, One selected value, rich customization and more!

Speed up your time-to-market

Move faster and achieve more with your QlikSense projects by leveraging our ready-to-use library of data visualisations.

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